One Of The Most Famous Bridge In The Florida

Belongs to the wonder of Florida for almost thirty years. Without it, you cannot go to the southernmost corner of the continental United States at Key West. You cannot stop the car, or nobody can to enter on foot. But once a year, for two hours belongs to seven-mile bridge runners. On one side open Atlantic, the other Gulf of Mexico. Water under the bridge is relatively shallow and therefore is azure blue and full of fish.

7 miles to Key West

Seven-mile bridge is actually only 6.79 miles long, exactly 10 931 meters. It is praised as the royal gemstone between 43 bridges to the Keys. Is talk about it as a technological miracle. No wonder. It is not easy to build a bridge eleven kilometers above sea level, to embed all the pillars to the seabed. Bridge was opened in 1982 as the longest segmental bridge in the world and replace four battered old
bridges.Total of 289 individual pieces of concrete was produced in Tampa. From there, they were transported by barges to the place where they were assembled together and create 440 arches, the longest of which measured 40 meters.Around the middle of the bridge, is arch to 20 m high, under which can to swim the boats. Cost: $ 45,000,000. Finalized six months before the deadline and received nearly a dozen different prices. From begin to and : 8 minutes.









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